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WIB Summit Influencer

Calling all Influencers!

Enjoy a full day of inspiration, professional development and fun with your network! You will receive a reserved table for your guests, priority seating, and recognition at WIB Summit!


Being recognized as an Influencer for the WIB Summit is simple:

1. Complete this form to commit to securing a table of 10 (including you) guests to attend the 15th Annual Women in Business (WIB) Summit on Friday, May 1, 2020 at the Marriott Hartford Downtown.

2. You and your guests must register by April 24, 2020 

3. Have a minimum of 10 guests at your table 

4. When your guests register they should list your name as the "Influencer" in order to be seated at your table. 

5. The sooner you register as a WIB Summit Influencer and secure all 9 of your guests the longer time you have to be included in promotion on social media as an Influencer.  


NOTE:  Your table of 10 must be complete prior to receiving recognition as a WIB Summit Influencer. 

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