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About Us

Women In Business Summit (WIB Summit)

The Women in Business Summit (WIB Summit) was founded in 2005 by Kisha Zullo. It was created to provide a platform outside of the workplace to educate, encourage and inspire women to achieve their career and personal goals. The energy at the Summit is magnetic! Attendees seamlessly connect to each other and the information to help resolve their career and personal challenges.

The summit provides a platform for a diverse audience of new recruits, entrepreneurs, and industry veterans to receive training and information in an interactive manner to assist them in achieving their career and personal goals. Attendees have the opportunity to network with other professionals and join in discussions about subjects that are relative to their growth. This one day conference connects people to their next mentor, friend, client or employee.

We focus on these key areas:

Entrepreneurship  •  Leadership Development  •  Personal Development  •  Financial Management 

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Meet The Founder

Kisha Zullo, MBA, CMP

Kisha is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and women empowerment leader. She is a certified meeting professional (CMP) with over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry in both sales and event management. Born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, she was taught by her mother the values of integrity, hard work, kindness and discipline. She is the founder and president of Events of Joy, an event planning company focused on helping clients produce live and virtual events that support their company mission.

She is the founder of the Women in Business Summit (WIB Summit). Celebrating its 19th year in 2024. The mission of WIB Summit is to develop a strong community of female entrepreneurs by providing quality programming and resources that inspire and elevate opportunities for equity. The attendees are diverse women who are part-time or full-time entrepreneurs, or professionals, who are looking to change their lives in a positive direction through learning, inspiration, and genuine connections with other female leaders.


Are You Ready To Grow & Unlock Your Full Potential?

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