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Propelling Your Business Idea

(Ideation, Validation, and Launch)!

Course begins Wednesday, September 25, 2019:

You have a business idea and are eager to understand whether or not it's viable.  Is it a good idea, is there a market for it, how much are potential customers/clients willing to pay for it?  What do I need to do to get started and launch?  These are all questions that will be explored during the four week online course, Propelling Your Business Idea (Ideation, Validation, and Launch)!

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:


Week One:

  • Developing a value proposition that is easy for your clientele to understand

  • Defining your brand archetypes and their triggers  

  • Identifying your ideal customer and developing your customer avatar

Week Two:

  • Identifying appropriate distribution channels for your service or product

  • Identifying customer relationship types and engagement.  How to clarify the type of relationship you'd like to establish with each customer segment.  How to capture and grow your client list.

Week Three:

  • Learn how to generate revenue based on each customer segment and how much they are truly willing to pay

  • Understanding the vital assets required to make your business model work

  • Developing partnerships to reduce risk, acquire customers, and optimize your resources

Week Four:

  • Identify the key activities to launch your business and essentials for your business model

  • Learn the difference between cost-driven and value-driven cost structures.   Overview of business financials what are the essential costs, resources, and expenses                 

You’ll be invited to a private Facebook group to receive additional support.  You’ll receive a workbook with a guide to track your progress and establish milestones.





Maryann works with Creatives in all facets of their business.  She guides these entrepreneurs through identifying opportunities, tools, resources and more.  She reignites their passion for their business and makes them understand that they're a bad-ass while achieving their goals in a short period of time.  She challenges her clients and has high expectations of them; she won't accept excuses only vision and solutions.

Maryann is familiar with all stages of business development including managing pre-opening details of projects as large as a convention center and as small as a solopreneur.  She has 20 years of experience in business operations with roles such as Strategic Project Lead, Accounting & Human Resources Manager and B2B IT Specialist, to name a few.  She has successfully managed: spearheading performance management initiatives, managing suppliers, controlling six-figures budgets, writing RFP's, reviewing business plans, marketing plans, and financial analysis are just some of the internal measures she's successfully handled for employers and clients.

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